What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are the best alternative for replacing a missing natural tooth. They are made out of a titanium "screw" which is placed in the jaw bone. After a period of healing time a crown or denture can be attached. Keeping up with preventive care appointments and everyday flossing and brushing an implant is designed to last many years.

Why do I need an Implant?

Tooth Loss- When a tooth or multiple teeth are missing the teeth either side may drift into the gap causing areas for food and plaque to get trapped in. Long term the gum and bone may recede in that area causing adjacent natural teeth becoming loose.

Adult teeth not erupting- Some people dont form all of their adult teeth leaving unwanted spaces in the mouth after the baby teeth have fallen out. Some may opt for braces if there are other areas that need correcting. If this is not the case implants are great tooth replacements.

Loose dentures- 90% of people succeed with an upper denture where 90% DONT suceed with lower dentures. If you have a denture and can't stand how loose it is then implants may be an option.

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